Danza Inmovil

"Love always returns us to what we do and do not know. We have no other choice than to become shaken by doubt, and to persist with what we can know when we can know it."
—Judith Butler, Doubting love

Seriously, world is so fucked up…

Explain me WHY this 2 have almost the same time sentence… seriously, because i don’t fucking get it.



Case 1: Girl did something bad. But wasn’t a rape, doesn’t needs jail, needs psychological help.
Case 2: That was fucking cruel… and the shit ran like it fixes anything…

paul4allseasons ha dicho: i guess if a person doesn't like my blog they should not have followed me in the first place. I spend a pretty good amount of time making it pretty obvious what people can expect from my blog. I don't really mind when I lose one or two followers. but I lose like 30 at a time and that's confusing. I mean, I know WHY people unfollow me, I just wish their was a way for me to know WHO so I can unfollow them. I'm really not asking WHY, I understand why... but I think it's stupid nonetheless.

The fact that random people unfollows you doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong though, the people that shares what you like will stay, i think at the end is what’s important here, better have good people in little numbers that a lot that you don’t even talk.
But yeah, would be nice that people tells you when they unfollow, i figure must be difficult to notice who gone having so many followers :s
There isn’t any add-on or something that helps you with that? I remember there is one for twitter but don’t know if there is one here, i should do some research, if i get any info i will let you know :D
PS: People in general is mean, don’t give a fuck and keep being yourself :3

"Del cielo el clima y del infierno la compañía."

Creo que representa totalmente como me siento hoy

Creo que representa totalmente como me siento hoy